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Cycling in Dublin and bike to work

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 8, 2016 6:39:22 PM / by Keith Grehan

Keith Grehan


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Cycling as both a sport and a hobby is growing year on year in Ireland, fueled by an increase in public trails, city cycle lanes and the government’s bike to work scheme. Below are our top 6 tips for cycling in Dublin and bike to work


  1. Dublin city has a good cycle lane network in the city center and where they do not exist our roads are relatively safe and quiet.  
  1. mourne_mountains_and_other_tours_blog/cycling_in_dublin_and_bike_to_workSave money – the monthly cost of a Dublin bus ticket is E153. By comparison many employers will pay for your bike upfront and you spread the repayments over 12 months. With the government's bike to work scheme and reduction in gross tax one can save up to 51% on the cost of a new bike


  1. Social groups – there’s all kinds of groups throughout the city ranging from Brompton enthusiasts to a fixie road tour your sure to meet some new people and fuel your passion. To cycle in Ireland is fun as well as practical!


  1. Help out your favorite charity – It seems there’s a charity cycle on every week. You could get involved with one of the established events such as The Irish Cancer Societie’s annual fundraiser or The Irish Heart Foundations ride with Irish hero Sean Kelly or even contact your own favorite charity to organize your own fundraising ride


  1. Lose weight – Men who decide to lose the car and bike to work lose an average of 5kg, with women losing an average of 4.4kg. After a ride your metabolism stays raised for several hours, meaning you’ll continue to burn calories at an elevated rate even whilst seated at your desk


  1. Freedom of the City- it’s no secret that public transport in Ireland isn’t the best. A good example of this is the distance from my home in Ranelagh to my work in the IFSC. It’s a 45 minute walk with the only bus available going through the city at rush hour taking over an hour. Meanwhile it can be cycled in 15 minutes. A bike will open up the city and you’ll venture places you previously couldn’t access.



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